Biggest Loser: Cameron Diaz

May 10, 2007 - One Response

Cam_head.jpgI like Cameron Diaz. I felt bad for her when Justin Timberlake dumped her, then reportedly started humping half of Hollywood. And I always stick up for her when someone calls her a butta face. So mean. I can’t imagine calling another person ugly. Maybe in spirit (hello, Paris!), but not physically.

Back to Cam, I seriously wanted to give her a shot to her oft-broken nose when I read the obnoxious quote she gave to the Today Show‘s Meredith Vieira about how Hollywood is like high school and celebrities are “the popular kids.”

cam_tom-loser.jpgI think it’s hilariously funny because I actually have the opposite opinion. My friend Natalie and I have talked for hours about how celebs — and Tom Cruise specifically — couldn’t possibly have been cool in high school. I mean, when was it ever cool to pump your fists in normal conversation? Attack people whose ideals and values aren’t in line with yours? Look for mates who are like trophy prizes?

Anyway, Page Six reports that the the night before Cam’s 7am Today Show visit, she was out until 4am partying, which may explain why she was off her game and talking crazy smack about how cool she thinks she is. My favorite part of the story was where Cameron was partying. The homecoming queen was at Box in NYC for a live R-rated sex show. A spy told Page Six the show was “two topless girls rubbing slime on each other and wrestling, followed by a simulated ‘sex show’ conducted behind a silk screen. Cameron was staring the whole time.”

Bottom lining it, I think that when you’re wellllll beyond your high school years, should you still be equating your life to the high school hierarchy? Should you be trying to convince people that you really are “popular”? To me, it just sounds like somebody who’s living in the past.


Kim Stewart’s Photogallery

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It’s photo gallery time again and today the spotlight is on Kim Stewart. Click on the picture above to view her photos. I’m gonna add more to the gallery, so there should be more photos then what is shown here. has 65 photo galleries of everyone from Lance Bass to Nicollette Sheridan

You can scroll through the list here or just click on a star and scroll down.

Canned Tuna

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Watch Ellen Be Sexy

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Watch this clip from The Ellen Degeneres Show, as Carmen Electra tries to teach El some moves from her new book, How To Be Sexy.

Is there anyone funnier than Ellen? I just want her to come over to my house and by my friend.

Fergie Is Motivational

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Fergie Pictures

Well, today is kind of lame. There’s really nothing interesting going on. And it’s pretty nice outside! So I’m deciding to be like Fergie and do some exercise. With that said, here’s pictures of Fergie having a rare “hot” moment with her breasts and ass out for all you to enjoy! Hopefully, these pictures will motivate you to go to a strip club and tip the girls well.

Fergie Pictures Fergie Pictures Fergie Pictures

Fergie Pictures Fergie Pictures Fergie Pictures

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Ashley Judd Graduates from College

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For years I’ve seen alum Ashley Judd on the sidelines at University of Kentucky basketball games and I never realized that she hadn’t graduated. Well, she’s now officially a grad.

The 39-year-old actress attended the university from 1986 to 1990, but left one credit short of graduating. She went on to become a movie star, appearing in flicks such as Kiss the Girls and De-Lovely. Despite her lack of a diploma, every year since during March Madness she’s been at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky — wearing blue and white — and rooting on her alma mater.

But Ash decided to tie up loose ends. The French major apparently took that one last class — or school officials say she did a la every NCAA football player in college — and received her diploma.

Congrats, Ash!

A Fast and Furious Marriage

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It’s fortunate for InStyle Weddings that their cover girl, The Fast and the Furious star Jordana Brewster, actually did marry producer Andrew Form in the Caribbean this past weekend

The actress, who met her man on the set of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning in 2005, said they initially tried to keep their budding relationship under wraps.

We started dating in secret – you know, hanging out in my trailer – because it would have been unprofessional otherwise,” Jordana told the mag. “But every day, Andrew wore these work boots to the set, and if I was lying down in the shot or there was equipment in the way, I’d look for his shoes. It was comfortable just to know he was nearby.”

Awww! Jordana donned a Vera Wang gown for their wedding on the island of Nevis which, no doubt, complimented her 3.2-carat emerald-cut diamond and platinum engagement ring. Congrats!

Quote of the Morning

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“I am a loyal girlfriend and a good friend. I hadn’t spoken to Heather in quite a few months when Richie and I got together. I wasn’t her best friend who said, ‘By the way, I’m sleeping with your husband.'”

— Denise Richards, to OK! magazine, on hooking up with former best friend Heather Locklear’s ex-hubby, Richie Sambora.

Johnny Depp Wedding Talk

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Are Johnny Depp and long-time girlfriend (and mother of his kids), Vanessa Paradis, planning to tie the knot? So says the U.K.’s Daily Mail.

Since Johnny’s daughter, Lily Rose, was hospitalized in March for E. Coli poisoning, the couple have been tighter than ever.

“Johnny and Vanessa have one of the strongest relationships in Hollywood but after their daughter was taken ill the family became an even closer-knit unit,” said a friend. “They have talked about marriage on and off for a long time but the recent emotional roller-coaster they have had to endure seems to have spurred them into action.”

The lovebirds, who live in the south of France, have been together for eight years and now seem to have the ball rolling for a wedding, sooner than later.

“We understand they will marry this summer. Villagers thought they would wed in the church here but we now hear that they have a little chapel in the grounds of their home,” a source told the paper. “It would make sense they would celebrate there because they don’t like drawing attention to themselves. The whole reason they live here is because they like the quiet life.”

Such romance! A private chapel in France, with their kids and Johnny as the groom? That’s what I call a dream wedding.

J-Lo’s Death Threats!

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Jennifer Lopez has hired a whole slew of new security people since receiving letters from an animal rights activist, threatening to “kill her in public, just like the slaughtered animals whose fur she wears.”

Okay, everybody just calm down.

Apparently Jen wasn’t that upset by the letters that have been showing up in her mailbox for the last month or so, but her hubby, Marc Anthony, is not so comfortable.

“He has hired two off-duty police officers, in addition to her usual security team, to watch over Lopez whenever she makes public appearances,” says a Lopez/Anthony friend.

PETA gave this statement to The Daily News:

“All violence is wrong. But J.Lo needs to stop the real violence she promotes and subsidizes rather than give herself extra protection she doesn’t need.”

Jen’s rep denies she’s beefed up security.

Whether or not you think La Lopez should rock the furs, isn’t there enough violence in the world? And if you’re all about animal life rights, why would you threaten to kill someone?