Jenna Jameson’s Hotness Not Welcomed

Jenna Jameson Pictures Jenna Jameson Pictures

There are only two weeks left until the Marine Corps birthday, and the air station in Miramar doesn’t have a guest of honor for its ball. Ultimate Fighting Championship brawler Tito Ortiz was slated to fill that chair at the beginning of the month, but canceled on Thursday after air station officials asked him to un-invite his girlfriend and date for the event, porn star Jenna Jameson.

So let me get this straight ‘cause I’m bad at math: You’ve got the Marines – who fight people for a living. And then you have Tito Ortiz — who beats people into pulp for a living. So put the two of them together and you’d think it would be a match made in heaven. The only problem is that the Marines didn’t factor Tito’s smoking hot porn star girlfriend, Jenna Jameson, into the equation.

Pardon the pun, but I don’t blame Tito for pulling out. It just seems wrong, hypocritical, and rude of the Marines to make a stink over who he wants to bring as his date. They felt “she was not an individual or guest that [they] really felt was appropriate for the Marine Corps ball“? Huh? I’ll tell you what’s really inappropriate — and that’s denying a ballroom full of horny Marines — y’know, the guys who risk their asses to protect us — the chance to meet the friggin’ Julia Roberts of porn!

Jenna Jameson Pictures Jenna Jameson Pictures Jenna Jameson Pictures Jenna Jameson Pictures

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