Paparazzi Henry’s Star Encounters 11/1/06


Halloween is over…November has arrived and the nights are getting quite cool in Hollywood. Talking about cool, let’s see who was clubbing…


PARIS HILTON and ELISHA CUTHBERT – The two sexy ladies were out and about and having a fantastic time. Paris was very stylish and I complimented her on her hat. I have never seen Paris in the same outfit twice. She must have an enormous wardrobe. The fashion pages will always be interested in featuring Paris as she never disappoints! She continues to provide me with fun footage and I love seeing her! The two lovely ladies left in Miss Hilton’s Range Rover.

ELLIOT MINTZ – Elliot told me that for Halloween he dressed up as Barry Manilow. He said he wore an equisite silvery jacket and he asked somebody who he looked like and they said Liberace. It was one of the sad moments in his life. Come on people…Elliot was Barry, not Liberace! For goodness sake, get it right! I told Mr Mintz that he should have sung a Manilow song, like “I Write the Songs” or “Mandy.” That would have set people on the right track.

SEAN AVERY – The L.A. Kings winger was Elisha-less. He waited for his car and I asked him if he had fun with his girlfriend Elisha Cuthbert. He kidded “She left me.” I joked “Oh no, she left you for Paris?” Somebody chimed in “I would too!” Sean laughed.

WON-G – Won pulled up in his Bentley. He brought some buddies with him and introduced them all. He wore a very flashy fur coat and told me it cost $17,000. He didn’t go into the club. He was just driving around and stopped to say hi and get some good old fashioned camera time.

Club number two…


WILL I AM – The singer and his lady got their hands stamped and in they went.

FREDDY RODRIGUEZ – The young actor looked very dapper in a suit. He did an excellent job as Federico on the terrific “Six Feet Under.” His current role is a part in the new movie “Bobby,” about the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy.

WILL I AM – Will and his girlfriend strolled hand in hand along the Sunset Strip. I asked him how his night was going. He told me “Chillin’,chillin’.” Hey, if anyone knows how to chill, Will is the guy.

DAVID FOSTER – The Grammy winning composer was celebrating his birthday and having a fine time.

ELISHA CUTHBERT and SEAN AVERY – After getting a ride from “Hyde” with Paris, the actress hooked up again with her beau. The couple left in Sean’s car and Elisha was all smiles. She sure had a fun-filled night.

SARA FOSTER – David Foster’s gorgeous daughter waved goodnight. This girl is going places and was listed on Maxim Magazine’s Hot 100 of 2005 list.

SAL MASAKELA – Smiling Sal was more than happy to promote his show “The Daily 10.” He said he was feeling fantastic and keeping busy doing plenty of work.

PARIS HILTON – The super lady hugged and kissed her friends and bid them a good night, including her terrific spokesman and pal, Mr Elliot Mintz. It was a wonderful and relaxing evening for the sweet Miss Hilton.

ELLIOT MINTZ – I asked Elliot if he had a good night. He told me that every day that he gets out of bed is a blessing. I love his attitude and we can all take a lesson from him!

It is time for me to call it a night and recharge my batteries, including the batteries for my camcorder.

From Hollywood…have fun!

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