Recap: Anna Nicole Smith’s Interview on ET

As I told you, Anna Nicole had a big sit-down with Entertainment Tonight yesterday. I’ll recap…

Holy bronzer! That was the first thing I noticed when I saw Anna Nicole’s interview with Mark Steines. She was so obviously faux brown that it was distracting. It also looked like should could have had work done recently, but maybe it was the tan. Tans always make people look different. Her hair was white blonde — the lightest I’ve ever seen it. Her lips looked good — liked the gloss. Very dewy. Her teeth were pearly white. Oh, the things you notice…

Here are some of highlights/observations from the interview:

  • Anna Nicole said that if Howard wasn’t there for her after Daniel’s death, she wouldn’t be here today.
  • She had huge bags under her eyes that I didn’t notice at first glance. They were covered with makeup, of course, but as she cried you could see them. It made me realize how much she was really grieving. In fact, she cried so much over Daniel during the interview, I thought I was going to tear up. I didn’t.

  • Anna Nicole and Howard were both wearing rings on their wedding ring fingers. Anna Nicole’s wasn’t flashy — just a band.
  • Howard looked different. Old. He said he remembers everything from Daniel’s death, but Anna Nicole remembers nothing. He looked like he aged 20 years in the last two months. Maybe he should visit her surgeon.
  • Anna Nicole said that when she was told that Daniel had died, she thought she was being Punk’d. She really though Ashton Kutcher was pulling one over on her. How horrible is that?
  • The interview was so lame because Mark Steines didn’t ask any important questions. I want to know about the paternity of Dannielynn. Did she dye that baby’s hair? Did Anna Nicole give Daniel pills? Why did one ear witness tell police that when Daniel died Anna Nicole yelled at Howard: “You killed him!”

    It was all a big fluff fest, but then again the whole show is. Also on that episode… Patricia Heaton, who was at some event. But instead of asking her about her anti-stem cell ad (which went up against Michael J. Fox’s), they asked her if she’s ready for a Everybody Loves Raymond reunion. Huh? That show went off the air a few months ago. Then they were on the red carpet for the premiere of Bobby, which they referred to as the “biggest premiere of the season.” Huh? That’s bigger than, say, The Departed? And their big tease was for an interview today with friggin’ Bea Arthur, who is going to talk about her hearing loss. Lame, lame, lame.

    Meanwhile, there is more Anna Nicole coming up on ET. Today, they are showing photos Anna Nicole had taken of herself at Daniel’s funeral. Monday, Howard’s footage from the delivery room when she gave birth. Can’t. Wait.

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