K-Fed’s Looking for a Little Somethin’-Somethin’

OK, ladies, you know you want a piece of this, don’t ‘ya?


Wow, we’re totally kidding, but Britney’s Feder-Ex isn’t. The “rapper” performed at Chicago’s House of Blues last night — tickets were selling so slowly that the venue was handing them out for free! That can’t be good on the self-esteem. In any case, K-Fed made sure the crowd knew he was a single man. Here’s a few of our favorite Fedster quotes from the night, according to People.com:

  • “Hey, I see a lot of fine ladies in here,” said the rapper. “You know I’m a free man, right, ladies? You wanna dance with a pimp?” Er, no thanks…

  • “Ladies if you’re drunk, let me hear you scream!” he shouted. Later he added, “I represent the g–damned West Coast.” OK, but only if we can scream about how happy we are that Britney kicked you to the curb.

  • “It’s a party for K Federline. Gonna rock and roll.” This one isn’t funny so much as what he was doing at the time he said it is — drinking Jack Daniels from the bottle and letting friends try on “his many gold chains.” Very classy.

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