Photo By E.L. Woody

Last night, at TEDDY’S in the ROOSEVELT HOTEL, in HOLLYWOOD, as SNOOP DOG filmed his rock video just feet away, PARIS HILTON, NICKY HILTON & LINDSAY LOHAN partied.

PARIS and NICKY left out the back, but LINDSAY left through the front door with FRED DURST’S bodyguard DAVID KIM. They stepped into the light of the paparazzi cameras. I got some pretty good shots, but Henry got the moneyshot, when LINDSAY said, “PARIS is a c#nt!”

I thought Henry was going to faint. Not the “C” word! It was like a scene from of the “Vagina Monologues”!

When several of the ruder paparazzi asked LINDSAY to repeat what she said, she replied, “I love Paris” and “Paris is my friend!” Can this girl ever make her mind up? Or was her statement just a Freudian slip? The motive for the expletive might have been the night before’s revelries at HYDE, where both ex boyfriend, HARRY MORTON and PARIS partied.

Scroll down the page to read PAPARAZZI HENRY’S shocked and blushing description of the entire event.

See my pics on PHOTOS OF THE DAY and the watermarked version of the incident HERE.


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