In the old days, PARIS HILTON and NICOLE RICHIE were best of friends and the Queens of the Party Circuit. Then I created CELEBRITIES UNCENSORED for E! and the rest is history. The two beautiful best friends were introduced to the world on that global hit show. Around the world, from Time Square to Timbuktu, the two were recognized by fans of the show.
Paris & Nicole are, now, big stars of THE SIMPLE LIFE. They have fought and reunited and still remained good friends, through the run of their show, which is now on E!

Some things always remain the same, no matter how much things change. One constant, throughout our entire relationship with PARIS HILTON, is her continuing good humor with the entire celebrity/paparazzi swarm scene. She has never been rude. She has never put the security guards on us. She has handled a pushing crowd of frenzied paparazzi better than any bodyguard. Yet, amid the chaos of her fame, she remained calm and confident, and never bitchy.

There is a lot to be learned from this young lady. She has built her brand around the world with the help of the pushy paparazzi. She actually works harder at promoting her product than anyone else in Hollywood and deserves her success. She is smart, hardworking, self-confident, and nice. I, personally, can guarantee that Paris Hilton is a nice person.
The one thing Paris is has never been, is what LINDSAY LOHAN called her in the video from Roosevelt’s. Check that video, here at

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