Paparazzi Henry’s Star Encounters 11/9/06


AREA———–Tonight the club hosted a “Genetic Denim” party. Here’s a rundown of the cast of characters…

LITTLE JOHN – “Whatup…whatup?” said the very colorful rapper. He was in fine form and wore his Rio De Janeiro jacket.

JASON DAVIS – What would a night at “Area” be without this outgoing and fun loving guy?

STAVROS NIARCHOS – The messy haired Greek heir joined the scenesters.

DENNIS RODMAN – Talking about outgoing and colorful – Dennis wins first prize. The super tall guy had on his fashionable attire, a girl at his side and a big cigar in his mouth. The night was just beginning for Rodman.

PARIS LATSIS – Greek shipping heir number two…or is he number one? Well, who’s counting? A billion here…a billion there…you know the drill. He was hanging out with American Billionaire TED FIELDS.

OKSANA BAIUL and BLU CANTRELL – I chatted with Oksana, the former World Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist Figure skater and Blu, the pretty songbird. I have always been a fan of Oksana, so it was a bit of a kick for me. I told Oksana that the last time I saw her, she was with Cheryl Burke. She nodded and said “I’m with Blu Cantrell now.” She modeled her new jeans for me…the ones that she received at the party. She told me “They’re very comfortable!” I told “The Swan of Odessa” (her Russian nickname) that her jeans were beautiful. I asked her if she is enjoying Los Angeles. Oksana: “I just got in…I’m going to Houston tomorrow…and then I’m coming back.” The graceful Oksana introduced “Phil,” her manager and publicist. Oksana asked me where I am from. I told her I am from South Africa and the website is The lovely singer, Blu Cantrell told me that she did shows in South Africa, in Johannesburg and Cape Town. She told me about her tour and added that she went to Swaziland and that it was amazing! She blew a kiss and added “I love South Africa…I love you guys!” I responded that I thought that was fantastic and she should make a return visit to that beautiful country. The singer said “I miss you guys and I am going to come back and see you.” It was a very pleasant encounter with the two lovely international stars.

JACK OSBOURNE – Jack and a pal hung out.

KIM KARDASHIAN – Gorgeous Kim told me “I’m doing faboulous, how are you?” I enquired about the party. Kim said “It was so much fun…look I’m wearing Genetic Jeans.” Like Oksana, she modeled them for me and joked “They’re the only jeans that fit my ghetto booty!” I told her that they suit her and that she looked very sexy. A lady standing nearby asked me a very provocative question. It shocked both Kim and I but I think we responded appropriately and handled the situation quite well. I wished sweet Kim a good night and she told me “You have a sexy night.” She is so cute!

MEAGAN GOOD – The beautiful actress came on by. “Hi, Honey,” said Miss Good.

KIM KARDASHIAN and MEAGAN GOOD – Two wonderful ladies for the price of one. Meagan and Kim chatted and made plans. Kim also promoted her amazing boutique “Dash’ in the wealthy L.A. suburb of Calabasas. Next time you are in Southern California, you must stop by “Dash” and pick up something super sexy! Kim introduced her pretty sister Kourtney. Yes, she stated Kourtney is spelled with a K.

JOE FRANCIS – Joe was mulling around. He is pretty good at that.

JOHN BRYAN – The Duchess of York’s ex-beau was delighted to pose with his amazingly beautiful lady. He asked “How cute is that?” He looked beyond thrilled to be seen with her. She looked pretty darn happy too.

JAMIE FOXX – Jamie and his posse arrived and joined the party. Jamie had a lot of people to meet and greet.

MICHAEL BELLISARIO – Michael and his best buddy Oliver, chatted with Woody and me for a while. Michael gave a shout-out to Missy, the lovely and talented lady who works so hard on Michael told me that he has been chilling. Oliver, meanwhile…has been in England and Ireland. Bellisario took off his hat and showed a shaved head. I commented that he and Oliver almost look like twins now.

A Jessica Simpson lookalike took the paparazzi on a little fun ride. The flashbulbs went off and she played the game pretty well…but she was not the real deal. It made for amusing video.

BO STARKS – The rapper climbed on top of his car…for some attention and a little rap. This guy went all out. Hey, this is Hollywood.

WON G – Does this guy love attention, or what? He promised the paparazzi all kinds of fun things at his record release party at The House of Blues…free food, free drink…lots of girls too.

LITTLE JOHN – More camera time for the extrovert. I don’t know what was in the water, but everyone was loving the cameras and attention tonight.

NIKKI GOLD and E.L. WOODY – The prolific British Actor and Film Producer was very excited to meet E.L. Woody (”The King of the Paparazzi.” He said he has seen Woody on the telly in England and that he is an “Absolute legend.” He made various other terrific comments about Woody. “The King of the Paparazzi” was very flattered…to say the least.

STAVROS NIARCHOS – Stavros walked by. He appeared to be shy but had a grin on his face. I think it is all a game to him. Stavros, you really can’t be that bashful, can you? No, I didn’t think so.

DENNIS RODMAN – Rodman posed with a giant smile on his face. “It’s all love, baby…it’s all love,” exclaimed the wild man. He had a big photo of his two little kids on his t-shirt with the caption “We Love You Daddy.” He was very proud and said “These are my kids right here…it’s all love.” He asked the paparazzi our names and shook our hands. Dennis continues to be an extremely cordial guy.

MEAGAN GOOD – Sexy Meagan posed for Woody and me. I told her that it is always good to see her. “It is always good to see you too,” said the charming actress. I asked her if she had a good time with Kim Kardashian. She said she did and that she loves Kim and her sisters’ Kourtney and Khloe.

JAMIE FOXX – Jamie socialized with his buddies and then bid them a goodnight. After a while he and a few friends climbed into his SUV and hit the road. the Oscar winner closed down the party.

It was a fun evening for everyone at the “Genetic Denim” party. From Hollywood…enjoy yourself!

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