Aren’t Those Fatherly Heart to Hearts Fun?

The New York Post reports today about bad communication between daughter and father. It appears that Rod Stewart misunderstood what his daughter, Kim Stewart, was telling him when they talked about her inflamed liver. Rod, in a Rolling Stone interview, said, “She just discovered that she has a very serious liver illness from drinking too much.” Furthermore the rocker said his daughter’s excuse was “Dad, I’m half Scottish. I thought I was allowed to drink a lot,” and he responded, “No, darling, it doesn’t work like that.”

In a statement Kim gave People Magazine last Friday she said “I love my dad but sometimes he has a big mouth and not just when he’s singing.” She continues, “I don’t have a liver disease. I was exhausted and feeling sick from burning the candle at both ends, and my doctor told me to cut back on drinking and smoking, which I have, and I feel so much better.”

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