Saturday night, SEAN LENNON performed music from his new album, FRIENDLY FIRE, at the El Rey Theater in L.A. He and ELLIOT MINTZ stopped and chatted with me about his concert, his need for a Steinway Grand Piano, and inquired about my being assaulted.

You can see that video here today.

I read every comment on’s story about the assault on me. Some were literate, intelligent commentary on the incident, while a great many seemed to be angry illiterate, juvenile, hate mail. After reading these comments, I am convinced that the same people who hate PARIS HILTON, also hate me.

I don’t know why, and frankly, could care less. Most of them are totally unaware of the scene in Hollywood. For all you haters out there, I say “You need to grow up!”

I have worked very hard, for over thirty years, shooting great pictures of celebrities. I only shoot public figures in public places. I never go to a star’s home. I do not stalk anyone. I have a great reputation within the Hollywood community.

My pictures have helped many young stars to achieve success. Many stars call me to photograph them.

It was not a celebrity who attacked me, but instead, a disgruntled club patron striking out at someone he thought had no right to exist. Had he been knowledgeable, like all the other club patrons there that night, he would not have attacked the well liked PAPARAZZI HENRY, and broken his equipment.

I was just trying to get the guy to pay for Henry’s light and microphone, which the attacker had broken off Henry’s camera, when he tried to break my equipment, also. I shoved him off and he hit me in the head with the microphone he had broken from Henry’s camera.

You can hate me all you want, you can write spiteful emails calling me names you are too gutless to call me to my face, but I have done nothing except try to be the best in the world at what I do. You have no idea what really drives Hollywood. Your hatred is unfounded. You need therapy.

If PARIS can put up with the email haters, I guess I can just shine them on, too. Thanks Paris, for the great example!

And thanks to everyone, especially the other celebs who have expressed their dismay over this attack on PAPARAZZI HENRY and myself. Thank you!

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