Britney’s Night(s) in Paris

All day, I have been mulling over this theory Suzy told me about this morning. She is convinced that Britney and Paris’s new BFF act could be more than just a friendship. “Do you mean you think that like Britney and Paris are hooking up?!?” I asked her in disbelief. Although I shouldn’t be surprised by anything those two wackjobs do, it still took me a while to process this information.

Then, Suzy showed me two things: First, was this article in which K-Fed says Britney was bisexual and begged him to have threesomes. Not that we’re into believing the Fedster, but stil… And second was this picture of the girls clubbing in L.A. over the weekend.


“See,” she said, “doesn’t it look like Paris is grabbing her boob?” And look for yourself, it totally does. Besides boob grabbing and endless pantyless parades, the girlies have also been having sleepovers and non-stop boozefests. Plus, is reporting that Paris is acting more like Brit Brit’s boyfriend than bestie.

So, six hours later, here’s what I think now: Brit and Paris are hooking up, but they’re hooking up totally out of a need for attention (like they don’t get enough already…), so you know there’s a guy involved. And as Suzy said, with the way those two get around, you can bet there’s a whole bunch of guys involved.



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