Delivering Us Gossip: Sharon & Christian, Britney & Colin

Here are two little tidbits I read in the new Us but didn’t see on their site yet…

E_SharonStone2_136.jpgAt the AMAs, presenters Sharon Stone and Christian Slater walked offstage, where photogs asked him to step to the side so that they could get photos of her alone. “You’re breaking up the couple already?” Sharon purred. Shortly after, the duo hit the swag area. While Christian was picking out DKNY underwear, Sharon gave him some instruction. “You’re not wearing the boxers, only tight underpants. No blue! Only black, white or gray.” Christian replied: “Okay.” So they’re either sleeping together or she’s just way up into his private space. Meanwhile, his divorce from Ryan Haddon has been finalized.

E_ColinFarrell_136.jpgThe other bit is about Brit-Brit… On November 25, while Britney was at Hyde with BFF Paris, Colin Farrell spotted her across the room. Flashback to pre-Federmistake: Britney attended a movie premiere with Colin and they reportedly did the nasty. Paris is also said to have hooked up with him. Us says that when Colin saw her, he turned to a friend and said: “Are you sure it’s her?” However, he didn’t make contact with his former bedmate(s). Two hours later, Brit and Paris were on the club’s patio and Paris was overheard saying, “Don’t worry, Britney. I see Colin here all the time. You’ll see him again. Who cares if he didn’t talk to you?” Maybe Britney’s planning a Farrell sequel? Meanwhile, with Colin out at Hyde “all the time,” I wonder how that whole sobriety thing is going.


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