A Fashion Line, the Fashionator & Your Girl Friday

E_SiennaMiller3_136.jpgJude Law’s ex-girlfriend Sienna Miller — of nannygate fame — hopes to have something to fall back on if this whole acting thing doesn’t pan out. (Yes, I refuse to believe the novice will be getting an Oscar nod for Factory Girl.) She’s launching a fashion line. See-See and her sister, Savannah, are designing an 80 piece ready-to-wear fashion collection that will be called Twenty8Twelve by s.miller. The name reflects Sienna’s birthday. No word on when poor Savannah entered the world.

Speaking of fashion, there’s a new iVillage blog launching today called The Fashionator: Fighting fashion crime one trend at a time. My coworker/friend/fashion advisor/fellow pizza lover Melissa Kagan writes it and it’s gonna be great. She’s great. So be sure to check it out and see which trends she’d like to see terminated. Today’s talk? Jeans — both the skinny ones and the expensive ones.

Finally, beginning today, my coworker Lindsey will start bringing you your gossip on Fridays. You already know her — and love her — because she’s been helping me out here and there since last spring. Now, she’s officially going to be your “girl Friday” as it were, helping to deliver your Friday dish so that I can sleep in (yay!) and work on some other projects that you guys will love. One of those is actually Star Snapshots: Your daily dose of celebrity eye candy, which people seem to dig because it’s doing really well. So check that out if you haven’t.

Happy Friday!


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