Another Reason Lindsay Lohan Bites

E_LindsayLohan_136.jpgSomeone needs to hit Hollywood with a tranquilizer gun and shoot some of these obnoxious starlets. On the top of the list should be Lindsay Lohan.

The other night, Lindsay was out partying with her mom. (How cool! Not…) They hit the GQ Men of the Year dinner. While there, Lindsay noticed that one of her former assistants was in attendance as well. The girl quit a few months back and was subsequently hired by Jessica “I’m Dating Derek Jeter” Biel. So what didLindsay do upon seeing her one-time employee? She yelled, of course.

“If she stays, I’m outta here!” Lindsay said — as reported by a Page Six spy. “I can’t look at that girl! I can’t believe you would allow an assistant in here – she doesn’t belong in here!”

Upon overhearing her tirade, Will Ferrell turned to fellow party guests Leonardo DiCaprio, Al Gore and Ben Affleck and said: “Who cares about that freak anymore?” The men erupted in laughter.

Lindsay spent the rest of the night trying to flirt with Leo (no chance!) and “necking” with the married Johnny Knoxville (pathetic), until her ex-boyfriend Harry Morton arrived with the rest of her posse and they went out on the town — with Johnny in tow.

As for Lindsay’s pathetic hanger-on mother, the source says, “Dina did a lousy job of reining in her daughter, and it looked like she just used Lindsay to get into the party in the first place.”


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