30 Seconds to Mars/Jared Leto landed on my front porch!

I recently became a fan of Jared Leto’s band “30 Seconds to Mars.” For those of you who don’t know Jared Leto, he co-starred on the TV show “My So Called Life” starring Claire Danes. He also starred in the film “Requiem for a Dream.” Leto has light eyes, dark long hair and a beautiful voice. The song that caught my attention is named “The Kill.” It caught me so hard that I made a remix of it. I pulled apart the song into 40 something pieces. I worked 3 days straight trying to compile the track. I gave up because I do not have the separate vocals and the separate instruments. This situation makes it hard to “beat match.” During this time I heard that the band was going to be playing at the famous “Wiltern” here in Los Angeles. The concert was about 15 days away. I had to get tickets. I searched everywhere online and they were ALL sold out. So my plan was to score tickets around the front door of the Wiltern the night of the concert. A couple days go on as I had given up on the remix. I don’t have credentials to get the pieces for remixing the song. Oh well.

So later on that day, I log onto Myspace and I have “friend requests.” My friend request was a photo of Jared Leto and the friend name was “Win tickets to MTV’s 30 Seconds to Mars in LA.” I was so lost for words. Why me? Is this a joke? So I entered the contest online. It was totally legit. “Thank you for entering” it said. I am so ridiculous with this high school crush. All of a sudden I like Jared Leto. His writing, his eyes his voice-all so perfect to me. I didn’t care for him back on “My So Called Life.” But now that he is 34 and singing what he wants-living his dreams-pouring his heart out through his music. He is so alive. That’s what I like about Jared Leto.

My friend Jamie Sever who I met on the Maxim Exposure Tour in 05’ was expected to come into town over Thanksgiving weekend for a Smokinghotwaitresses.com promotion (this is the same weekend as the 30 Secs concert!!!) One of the promo girls could not make it to LA over the weekend so they begged me to take her spot. It would consist of a 8am photo shoot at Dimples karaoke bar in Burbank-then a limo ride with champagne over to USC for the USC vs. Notre Dame tailgating party. And get paid to take pics with guys all day.

It’s Thursday night of Thanksgiving and I am getting mangled with my good friend SuzyQ down in Hermosa Beach on “The Strand.” Her friend Kim has a house on the beach and that is where Thanksgiving was held. A good drunken night of chaos and pigging out. SuzyQ and I rolled out of bed Friday morning around 10am. We hit the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for an Ice Blended on our way back to Hollywood. I got my car from her house and drove down to mine. Blurry eyed but alive, a package on my doorstep from “DHL.” The package was from New York. How exciting- what could it be? I open the package and inside is a letter that reads: “Congratulations! You have just won 2 tickets to see MTV’s 30 Seconds to Mars Saturday night at the Wiltern!” I screammmmeeddddddd my voice out! AHHHHH! The burst of joy! Why me? I guess Karma owed me one. So later that Friday night before the concert I met up with the beautiful Jamie from the Maxim tour. We went to the Beverly Center then to Saddle Ranch and we ended up at Spider Club where Richie Hawtin was spinning. Richie is in my top 5 fav DJs. We got to bed @ 2am. Then woke back up at 7am Sat. to go to the photo shoot in Burbank. Everyone knew I had to leave the USC game for the concert. The concert starts at 6:30 and we can’t find a cab in ghetto South Central LA. USC is a great school but not a great place on the other side of the gates! A cab finally comes and now we have to haul ass to Burbank where my car is from the photo shoot! We get to my car at 6pm and change into rocker apparel. Do our eyes, lips and cheeks and off we go to the Wiltern.

Park the car-jump out and run to the door. As we went through security a guard stopped me and told me to tuck my keys further into my jeans or else I will lose them! I made some remark like “ my jeans are too tight and my ass can’t even fit-you think my keys can?” Jamie and I get a cocktail and wait for the show to begin. We are standing in the middle of the lower floor area and a voice behind us says, “since you tucked your keys in, I’ve got better seats for you up front.” He takes us to the handicapped, eye-level front row seats! I am so happy! We will be seeing Jared Leto eye-level! After 3 opening bands, out comes 30 Seconds. Leto walks out with his white electric guitar- long black hair with red streaks underneath- he opens his light glowing eyes to the crowd and rocks the house with his heavenly essence. He was so sweet to the fans. He spoke to us and ran through the crowd so we could touch him. I never got to touch him but on one song he stuck his hand out directly to me and I did it back. Jamie is my witness. The show ended at the Wiltern but the show continued in my dreams later that night.

Why did this all happen? I found out about the band in early November and went to see them later that month. Spooky luck!



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