Oh Make Me Over…

Loved this. Last night I was out with my BFF Natalie and one of my sisters. Irish pub. 10-something. Some guy — a cop, from Connecticut — tells me that I look like — drum roll, please — Courtney Love.

The music stopped. The lights came on. Everything around me came to a screeching halt.

Courtney Love? Courtney Love? Courtney Love?

Shock, panic and dread washed over my face. But I powered back with my fiercest ammo: Are my boobs hanging out? Are my eyes like fireballs? Am I slurring?

Turns out he meant Courteney Cox. I don’t think so — perhaps it was my Blabber makeup? — but Courteney Cox I would take. Courteney Cox is acceptable. Courteney Cox is flattering.

darlene.jpgI’ve also been told that I looked like Darlene from Roseanne, which caused another “I’m gonna lose my marbles” tailspin.

Which celebrity have you been told you resemble? Make me feel better below.


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