Project Runway without Tim Gunn? TheView without Rosie?

Little TV drama this morning — and not on the screen.

First, Entertainment Weekly is reporting — via the NY Daily News — that Project Runway’s Tim Gunn has not been signed for the fourth season of the show. All the other peeps — like Heidi, Nina Garcia and Michael Kors — have deals. Tim’s day job — chair of the fashion design department at the Parson school — doesn’t allow him to be available for TV while school is in session. I hope someone fixes that — quick. He’s great.

Meanwhile, in daytime TV land… The Daily News is reporting that Rosie O’Donnell is tired of being on The View. She misses her kids. She doesn’t like the costar drama. FX has offered her a nip/tuck spin-off. Her publicist denies she’s leaving and Rosie will probably address the rumors today at 11. Gotta say — I think she’s a total loudmouth, but she’s made the show watchable again. It’s pretty good.

For lots more TV dish, visit TV Cocktail.


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