Angelina + Brad – Jennifer = An America Divided

Angelina Jolie in this month’s Vogue lets it all out. She talks about Brad, Jennifer, the kids, her dad, trust, and competition. Noted Educator and social commentator Camille Paglia comments on the Brad-Jennifer-Angelina or maybe brangelifer situation and the perceptions of it, for Us Weekly. The two sides of the coin seem to be “Well, of course Brad dumped Jennifer for Angelina, and who in their right mind wouldn’t?” And “How could Brad dump Jennifer for Angelina, doesn’t he know where she’s been?”

What I find interesting in both articles is how Jennifer Aniston is played out. Angelina tells Vogue, about her and Brad Pitt’s meeting “I didn’t know much about exactly where Brad was in his personal life. But it was clear he was with his best friend someone he loves and respects,” don’t know why she or the editor switched to present tense but the statement is kind of strange. While Camille believes the American woman identifies with Aniston because of her “public humiliation, her romantic martyrdom. She has been abandoned by the highly attractive, boyish young man (who now is not so young) who is checkless, looks angelic but is in fact a traitor.” So if you put the two statements together, the majority of American women can empathize with being left by your best friend who supposedly loved and respected you. Is this pretty scary or sad? I’m not sure.

But maybe this is why, unlike other countries, the United States has never had a women president. (Click here and here to see list of the other countries and the women who have ruled them.) The double X chromosomers in this country see themselves as the good girls. Paglia characterized Jennifer Anistons through the past couple of years as “reticent” which has lead to the scholar theorizing “You always feel like she is telegraphing deep inner pain that she’s not always able to express — or doesn’t want to express — because she is a prisoner of her decorous persona. There is the pressure and she is almost emotionally constipated in a way.” Well if the majority of the women in America can identify with these feeling and empathize with Aniston and if her antithesis in this scenario is Jolie, how could women come to the side of non-trusting and competitive women (Jolie describes herself as thus in the Vogue article)? Because aren’t these traits that you look for in a leader someone who isn’t swayed easily, someone who sticks by their guns and will fight for what they want?

I’m not saying that Jennifer Aniston wasn’t wronged. And I will always think Brad is spineless while Angelina is only out for number one. But based on all the press that hasn’t ceased about the man in the middle, and the two women on either side. I don’t think Hilary has a chance. Because if the majority of women in the United States do identify with Jennifer more than Angelina then we will always have a powerful women calling the shots, behind the man that makes her look better.



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