Fashion Fight: Tights

Nicollette Sheridan Vs. Lindsay Lohan

Where there’s fashion, fists are flying!

Here our Desperate Housewife seems to be going through a midlife crisis or maybe the stress of dealing with the cattiness on Wistera Lane has finally gotten to her. Whatever it is, striped sheer tights under Lyrca shorts is never a good idea. And where does the gray newsboy cap fit in? You’d think the steller knee boots would redeem her, but it only stirs more confusion into this clearly “dressed in the dark” look.

Lindsay Lohan takes her tights very seriously. And from this look she’s taking no prisoners. Love, love, love the flat riding boots and the babydoll top. A+ for simplicity. Major deduction for the lace fingerless glove and the cancer stick.

carrying_bags.jpg lidz.jpg

WINNER: LINDSAY LOHAN by the flash of a glove!


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