Tacky Tori Accepts Husband’s Proposal… Again!

Between the tag sale and pushing her dog around in a baby carriage, I think Tori Spelling is just so tacky. So I loved this story on People.com about how Tori’s husband, Dean McDermott, proposed to her again yesterday while in his native Canada.

“We sat on a bench overlooking the lake and I gave Tori her last Christmas present” – an antique platinum ring with an Edwardian oval-shaped sapphire from Neil Lane. “I’d wrapped the ring in a much bigger box, and as soon as she opened the ring box I asked her to marry me again. It was very romantic and magical.”

Spelling adds that as soon as McDermott proposed, “I immediately started crying and said ‘Yes! Again and again and again!’ What made it so special was the notion that a year ago when he proposed, the thought of having a baby together was just in our hearts, and now our baby boy that we created from our love is nestled in my belly.”

Of course they don’t mention the spouses they left when they hooked up on the set of a made-for-TV movie. It’s just all about their perfect little lovefest. Ick!

They are cheese city… and I can’t get enough.


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