Nicole & Keith Reunite Amidst Rumors

You’d think 2006 would have been Nicole Kidman’s year. In June, she married, her musician “prince” in a beautiful and heartfelt ceremony. And the newlyweds looked as happy as can be when they returned to Nashville, which has become their new home base. There was even talk of a baby.

But after just a few months of wedded bliss, the drama began. He checked into rehab — reportedly for alcohol abuse… though rumor has it he returned to the white stuff. As soon as he checked out, a story broke that he cheated on Nicole all through his engagement with some chick named Amanda Wyatt.

“I feel sorry for Nicole,” the slag told the Daily Mail. “Keith cheated on her repeatedly with me, right up to just before they got married. He’s done it once and he will probably do it again… I hope their marriage works — but leopards don’t change their spots.”

The chick also says Keith did all kinds of drugs — “ecstasy, cocaine, pot — you name it…”

Anyway, Nicole and Keith are putting on a united front. Right now they’re in Australia. Here’s a shot of them leaving the United International Pictures office earlier today. And may I point out that she’s worn that dress before? Kudos to her for re-wearing.

But I just wonder how long this pair — who doesn’t look that happy — will last.

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