Worst Celebrity Excuses Ever

I think we need to start a running list of the stupid celebrity excuses. Let’s start with these…

A rep for the hard-partying, out till all hours Britney Spears on why she totally collapsed at a club on New Year’s Eve shortly after midnight:
“She was not drunk. She was just tired and falling asleep.”

Paris Hilton’s spokesperson on Paris being photographed with white stuff up her nose:
“I can tell you Paris does not use narcotics. I would imagine [it’s] something like whipped cream or a sugary substance from dessert. Something that naturally might have found it’s way to onto her face if she touched her nose or whatever. I’d label it a stray dessert.”

Ashlee Simpson on why she was lip-syncing on Saturday Night Live:
“I had severe acid reflux.”

Nicole Richie on why she took the painkiller Vicodin the night she was arrested for a DUI:
“I had menstrual cramps.”

Winona Ryder to the police after getting arrested for shoplifting:
“I was doing research for a role in Shopgirl.”


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