Britney and Kevin’s Custody Agreement

E_BritneySeanPreston2_136.jpgI know, I’m as sick of hearing about Britney as you are, but the stories about her just keep getting better. TMZ is now reporting that she and K-Fed have reached a custody agreement. Now, before you go getting all excited, the agreement is only for the month of January. What they have been doing up to this point, I have no idea. In the new agreement, however, the train wrecks parents will have joint legal custody of Sean P. and Jayden J. What it means really, however, is that the kids will live with the nanny Britney, and K-Fed gets to come visit.

How’s this for some specifics, though? K-Fed can only see the kids between 11am and 4pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at Britney’s house. The momtart can be there, but she’s not allowed to interfere.

So, if Kevin starts toking up in the living room, does this mean she’s not allowed to say anything?

Moral of the story? If you’re going to party your panties off every night of the week for a month and a half straight and then spend your days apologizing to your fans, just hire a really awesome divorce attorney.

Should Britney have received that much custody of her kids in light of her recent lifestyle? Is it actually possible that K-Fed might have been good in some small way for the pop star?



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