Paparazzi Henry’s Star Encounters 1/4/07

Hi from Hollywood!


PARIS HILTON – It was a chilly and windy night in L.A. but that did not stop the lovely Paris who showed up in her brand new exotic Bentley convertible. She is back from her exciting New Year’s celebration and appearances in Australia. This is a car fit for a star like Paris and she looked sensational in the drivers seat! She had the music playing and she made a dull night come alive!

SHEMAR MOORE – The “Criminal Minds” star will next be seen in “Motives 2.” He was more than eager to get his party on. He was very jovial.

KEVIN CONNOLLY – The talented “Entourage” star is a big fan of “Area.” After a relaxing evening of partying, he hopped in his car and headed into the night.

A fight broke out and if you are interested in seeing some wild action in the street, check out my video. It brought the boulevard to a standstill.

PARIS HILTON – It was like day and night. Cut from the crazy street fight to the fun-lcving and glamorous Paris in her amazing Bentley. Yes, everything happens in Hollywood and it goes from one extreme to the other, in just a matter of minutes! Paris blessed the club and the paparazzi with her presence, waved goodnight and took off in that super car.

PRINTZ BOARD -”The Black Eyed Peas” – I chatted with the musician about the popular group. I mentioned to him that I have known Fergie for years and that she is really sweet and talented. He totally agreed and said that Fergie is his homegirl and she is great. He added that she finally put out a record to show people that she can really sing.

SHEMAR MOORE – Shemar closed down the joint. He eats up the cameras and joked around. The ladies man just loves the attention!

That does it for now. There was not too much out there this evening but at least I got a few people. I don’t have to tell you that the highlight was definately Paris. Well, I couldn’t resist!
From Hollywood…have fun!


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