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The First Dancing With the Stars Dropout is…
February 28, 2007

…Big Pussy!

Vincent Pastore will no longer be putting on a little red bolero jacket and dancing the mambo, according to a press release from ABC. The actor said the physical demands of the 10-week competition are just too much for him. “When I initially committed to joining Dancing with the Stars, I didn’t realize just how physically demanding it would be for me. Unable to put forth my best effort, I felt it appropriate to step aside and give someone else the opportunity.”

No word on who his replacement will be.

Old Vinny only got through one week of rehearsals.
The joke here is so obvious, and I’m much too much of a lady to make it.
Wink, wink.


February Wrap-Up: Britney, Britney, Britney
February 28, 2007

As mentioned, Tracy and I will be debating some of the hot gossip that we disagreed on this month. For example — the fact that Tracy thinks Gisele is skanky and how I think Will Smith is too much of a goodie-goodie. Today’s topic? Britney. Let’s just dive in…

Blabber_Suzy.jpgSuzy: Now for Britney… I wish you’d be harder on the girl. I know she’s in the midst of a very public meltdown, but don’t you think she brought these problems upon herself? Who told her to marry scummy boyz? Have two kids and have someone else raise them? She had it all — fame, fortune a cute boyfriend, hair — and threw it all away. I like the girl — I do. But I just don’t feel bad for the predicament she’s in. Famous or not, in life you have to surround yourself with exceptional people. People who know you inside and out and genuinely want the best for you and will watch your back. You’ve had the same posse since high school/college, so I’m sure you can see my point. How did things get so far outta control? She needs to fire her employees, family members and friends.

Blabber_Tracy.jpgTracy: Oh, Britney! To be honest, I just feel like how much more can anyone say about her? And I guess I’m a softie when I see someone get so slammed by everybody in the world. Don’t get me wrong, I fully enjoy participating in ragging on stupid antics of celebrities, but sometimes I can’t help but reach a saturation point. She’s a wacko with tons of problems right now, no doubt, but that sentimental (or wimpy, you choose) part of me wants her to get it together and make a huge comeback. Psssst! I even want her to get back with J.T. Shhh…

Blabber_Suzy.jpgSuzy: Beats the hell outta K-Fed! But let’s just let her get her hair back first.

Canned Tuna
February 28, 2007

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Izzie in a Tizzy
February 28, 2007

Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl may not be playing our beloved Izzie much longer, according to Heigl has dropped out of contract negotiations with the ABC drama and sources say she is not happy with treatment she is getting.

“Katie is disappointed and hurt that (producer) Touchstone doesn’t value her as much as her other costars, especially Sandra Oh and Isaiah Washington,” the source says. ABC had no comment.

Izzie should hit the movies — she’s so the next Charlize Theron.

February 28, 2007


I was napping on the couch, around 3:30 A.M., when the phone rang. Henry had turned in early. The club scene was flat. I could get in a quick snooze before blogging. BUT the phone was ringing!

It was my friends, ZITO & JEN, from WXLO, in BOSTON!

They wanted to know if I […]

Britney Spears Borrows Bikini From Stranger & Then Gets Drunk. No Joke
February 28, 2007

Britney Spears Bikini Picture

Before checking in to Promises rehab center in Malibu for the second time, Britney Spears enjoyed a strange, bewildered day with two new friends. Bright and early on February 17, a newly bald Spears arrived at L.A.’s chic Mondrian hotel, ready to catch some rays. But the star was denied a room due to lack of credit cards or cash. By 11 a.m., an undeterred Spears, 25, had stripped down to a bra and panties poolside, then shaved her legs in the pool bathroom. “It was sad,” says a source. “It looked like she really needed a friend.” She got two – at least for a few hours. Around noon, Spears (then in a blonde wig) began chatting up a woman in the bathroom, who offered to loan the pop star a bathing suit. Spears followed her new friend to her hotel room where — after changing into a borrowed bikini — she raided the minibar.

I know that doing yet another post on Britney Spears, and her problems is really beating a dead horse, but seeing as every other celeb seems to still be recovering from their Oscar hangover, this is all I could find today.

Britney’s life is getting pretty sad. I’m sure that swanky hotel is used to celebs breezing in for a room, without any form of payment. Recognition alone could probably get them free stays if needed. Not Britney. It just goes to show you that she’s definitely not wanted on the premises. How can someone who was at the top of their game just a few short years ago now be reduced to shaving their legs in public bathrooms, borrowing bikinis from strange girls and then cleaning out their mini bar. If there’s a joke somewhere to be found in all of this, it eludes me.

Britney Spears Bikini Pictures

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A Posh “Documentary”
February 28, 2007

First Naomi Campbell takes on TV, now Victoria Beckham will be hitting the small screen.

E! is reporting that Posh will be appearing in a “real-life documentary” for NBC. Previous reports have said that Vicki’s hubby, David, and their kids would be a part of the show, but a rep is now saying it will just be about Spicy herself.

Now remember, this is NOT a reality show, it is a documentary.
There’s a difference.

Quote of the Day
February 28, 2007

“My daughter is going through a phase of wearing jeans so tight she can’t bend her knees in them. I have a go at her and say, ‘Can’t you wear something else? You have a closet full of clothes and you wear the same pants every day . . . And please wear a belt because I don’t want to see your butt crack when you bend over.’ ”

— Madonna, the cone bustier-wearing, cross-burning, nude-posing, stage-humping, water bottle deep-throating pop star, to British Elle, about daughter, Lourdes.

Hepatitis at a Hollywood Party?
February 28, 2007

The Los Angeles County Department of Health sent alerts to guests of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue party, starring Beyonce as the cover girl, saying a worker for Wolfgang Puck had acute hepatitis A. The health department advised vaccinations for anyone who ate uncooked food at the party and three other events from Feb. 14-20.

Other models in attendance were Bar Refeali (Leo DiCaprio’s current flame), Veronica Varekova, Yamila Diaz-Rahi, Ana Beatriz Barros and Marisa Miller.

No illnesses have been reported, so far.

Jeez, they might as well have gone to the nearest Taco Bell.

The Hills Star Skips Her Own Party
February 28, 2007

Remember last week when we dished about Brody Jenner and his terrible friend Spencer Pratt talking trash about everybody in the latest issue of Details?

Well, it seems that Lauren Conrad, who dated Jenner for a blink of an eye, is not happy. The Hills star skipped Us Weekly’s Oscar party — which was co-hosted by her own show! The buzz at the bash was that L.C. was so pissed at what Spencer said in the men’s magazine that she refused to be in his presence.

When Jenner was asked about Conrad on the red carpet, he said, with a twinkle in his eye I’m sure, “I love Lauren. It’s all good.” Lauren’s co-star, and Pratt’s girlfriend, Heidi Montag, would only say, “I wish she was here.”

Lauren’s got class and pride and that’s a lot more than I can say about the rest of them.