Brandon Davis Different Day – Same Antics

The New York Daily News reports today that Brandon Davis is in trouble again for being “wasted” and causing trouble. This past Saturday night at Paris Hilton’s 26th birthday party Davis was the reason Paula Abdul left along with Courtney Love and her daughter Francis Bean. It’s said that Kathy and Rick Hilton rented out the Prime Grill for their eldest daughter’s birthday celebration, spending about 10 grand alone on flowers one guest estimated. An insider told Rush and Molley that at the start of the evening Paris was beaming with Stavros Niachros at her side. But then as the party continued Davis started throwing flowers at Abdul, who was supposed to sing Happy Birthday, then moved onto throwing the Styrofoam holders, shouting “Lick my [BLEEP], Paula!” and mocking her heritage. Paula left. Paris tried to calm Davis down to no avail. His next target was Courtney Love.

“He lifted her [Courtney] up so that she was straddling his waist,” says a witness. “Her Chanel dress was riding up. Brandon was saying, ‘I want to squirt on you.’ He was humping Courtney in front of her daughter, Frances Bean. When he put her down, Courtney grabbed Frances and they marched out of the restaurant through the kitchen.”

New York Daily News

Brandon then started knocking down glasses and candles which lead Paris to started sobbing on her mom’s shoulder “It’s not my fault,” at which time Davis was asked to leave. After Paris blew out her birthday candles the party shifted to her house. Davis had the nerve to show up, but was not allowed anywhere near the birthday girl and the security guards made sure of that.

Be sure to come back tommorrow to see Ryan’s footage of everyone at the Prime Grill


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