February Wrap-Up: Is Will Smith Hot… or Not?

E_WillSmith_136.jpgAs mentioned yesterday, Tracy and I will be debating some Hollywood gossip issues that we didn’t agree on this month. Like what? Well, like the fact that Tracy called my girl Gisele a skank. A skank! Isn’t that a term reserved for Paris Hilton and her peeps? Anyway, today’s topic is Will Smith. Tracy is jiggy with Big Willie. I find him too much of a goodie-goodie bore. Here, we duke it out Blabber style…

Blabber_Tracy.jpgTracy: Now, about Will Smith. How could you possibly disagree with me on his hotness? The man is a gift from God and having it all certainly agrees with him. With talent up the wazoo, adorable offspring and a wife that adores him, Big Willie Style is the total package. I certainly wouldn’t kick him out of bed — or off the couch, or the kitchen table… um, sorry, whatever. If you think differently I’d like to hear your crazy reasoning.

Blabber_Suzy.jpgSuzy: You know what it is? The Pinkett-Smiths bore me. Just once I want to hear Will drop the f-bomb in one of his songs — or take a role in which he plays a beer swiggin’, adulterous jerk. Instead everything is peachy keen perfection and a cynical gossipeur like myself just doesn’t buy that. Truthfully, I think there’s something going on between the Smiths and Cruises. What do they have in common? It’s quite suspicious. I think the Pinkett-Smiths have been sipping the Kool Aid.


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