February Wrap-Up: Britney, Britney, Britney

As mentioned, Tracy and I will be debating some of the hot gossip that we disagreed on this month. For example — the fact that Tracy thinks Gisele is skanky and how I think Will Smith is too much of a goodie-goodie. Today’s topic? Britney. Let’s just dive in…

Blabber_Suzy.jpgSuzy: Now for Britney… I wish you’d be harder on the girl. I know she’s in the midst of a very public meltdown, but don’t you think she brought these problems upon herself? Who told her to marry scummy boyz? Have two kids and have someone else raise them? She had it all — fame, fortune a cute boyfriend, hair — and threw it all away. I like the girl — I do. But I just don’t feel bad for the predicament she’s in. Famous or not, in life you have to surround yourself with exceptional people. People who know you inside and out and genuinely want the best for you and will watch your back. You’ve had the same posse since high school/college, so I’m sure you can see my point. How did things get so far outta control? She needs to fire her employees, family members and friends.

Blabber_Tracy.jpgTracy: Oh, Britney! To be honest, I just feel like how much more can anyone say about her? And I guess I’m a softie when I see someone get so slammed by everybody in the world. Don’t get me wrong, I fully enjoy participating in ragging on stupid antics of celebrities, but sometimes I can’t help but reach a saturation point. She’s a wacko with tons of problems right now, no doubt, but that sentimental (or wimpy, you choose) part of me wants her to get it together and make a huge comeback. Psssst! I even want her to get back with J.T. Shhh…

Blabber_Suzy.jpgSuzy: Beats the hell outta K-Fed! But let’s just let her get her hair back first.


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