Paparazzi Henry’s Star Encounters 3/23/07


Tonight the place to be was…

“MR CHOW”———

ELIZABETH TAYLOR – It does not get any better than the Star of Stars…the legendary Elizabeth Taylor! It was a rare sighting, indeed! I told her that she looked beautiful and she thanked me. I asked Miss Taylor how she was feeling. “I’m fine,” she replied. I let her know that it was wonderful to see her. “Well, thank you,” responded the glowing actress and Humanitarian. I could not resist telling her that she is the most Glamourous star there is! She laughed and thanked me again. Dame Elizabeth was with her assistants/friends and in a wheelchair. She headed inside the Chinese hotspot to enjoy a scrumptious and relaxing dinner. I’d see more of her later.

JERRY SPRINGER – Out of nowhere, Jerry came past “Mr Chow.” I asked the former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant if he is watching the show this season. He said he is. I expected him to enter the restaurant but he kept on walking. I guess he was just going for a stroll in Beverly Hills.

JACKIE COLLINS – I asked the best selling Author what she is working on. “Drop Dead Beautiful,” said Jackie, “It comes out in June.” I asked her what it is about. Jackie responded “It’s about Lucky Santangelo…she’s back…5th book about her.” I told the prolific writer that it should be exciting. Jackie : “I hope so…yes!”

ELIZABETH TAYLOR – Miss Taylor had finished her dinner and exited the restaurant. She posed and looked every bit the legend that she is. Her little white dog was with her and I told her that she is so cute. Miss Taylor responded “Isn’t she? Thank you!” I asked her if she was “Sugar.” Elizabeth replied “No…Sugar passed on.” I apologized and enquired as to her little dog’s name. “Daisy,” replied the star. I told her that both she and her dog were beautiful. She was flattered and thanked me. I let her know that it was a pleasure seeing her and once again she expressed thanks. She signed an autograph for fan, James…making his night! Another fan named Gary, gave her a gift…a photo of her with the late, great Natalie Wood. It was taken when they were child stars. Elizabeth was touched to receive this present. Gary asked her “May I please get one autograph…please Dame Elizabeth…thank you Sweetheart…I won’t tell a soul!” Miss Taylor responded with laughter and said “You crack me up!” She took her time to autograph a very beautiful poster. The legendary star sat in the back of a fancy Mercedes with Daisy on her lap. She had a lovely smile on her still gorgeous face and she waved goodbye several times. After her Mercedes rolled away, I had Gary show his impressive signed poster. He was thrilled and said it will go on his wall. He said it does not get any better than getting an autograph from a living legend!

It was a very special and memorable night. There are stars and then there are STARS! Then there is Elizabeth Taylor! No one can compare or hold a candle to her. She is IT! No star in Hollywood is more glamourous, more gracious or more appealing! My encounter with this living legend was fantastic! Steve Broderson took wonderful photos of her and make sure to check them out on I also hope you enjoy my video. Miss Taylor turns 75 on Tuesday. Happy Birthday, Dame Elizabeth! Thank you for making my night! I am delighted to have it preserved on video!


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