Anna Nicole Autopsy Results

The results are in.

Seminole Police Chief Charlie Tiger deems Anna’s death an “accidental overdose.” There was no evidence of illegal drugs on the day Anna Nicole died and there was no evidence of foul play. Chief Tiger says Howard K. Stern will not be prosecuted, as his computer was checked and there was no evidence of anything unusual.

Dr. Joshua Perper, the Medical Examiner for Broward County, announced that he found nine prescription drugs in Anna’s system, including methadone, anti-anxiety drugs and “longevity” drugs. Nothing illegal was found.

Perper said that though Anna did have an infection from a drug injection in her buttocks, the playmate was taking antibiotics that were keeping the infection under control, and it was not soley the cause of death. None of the drugs in Anna’s system were taken in a large enough dose to kill her by themselves — it was the lethal combination that ended her life.

So tragic. She lived in a big way and died in a big way. R.I.P. ANS.

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