Rock Star Battle Royale

Thank goodness nobody pulled a velvet revolver!

Scott Weiland’s wife, Mary, was arrested for torching her husband’s clothes outside their Toluca Lake home over the weekend. The blazing was preceded by a nasty brawl at a fancy schmancy hotel that left two rooms vandalized.

Mary Weiland was booked for investigation of felony arson vandalism after destroying $10,000 worth of her husband’s threads. Officers on the scene found the designer duds smoldering in a trash can. Earlier in the evening, the po-po were called to the Graciela Hotel after the Weilands got into a fight that left two rooms in disarray.

“Both rooms had damage and items scattered, broken plates and things. It was looking definitely like items were deliberately destroyed,” said a police spokesperson, who added that the amount of damage exceeded $400. “She is a suspect in the vandalism. He is not.”

This whole story gives me flashback of Waiting to Exhale — when Angela Bassett took her cheating husband’s clothes and gave them a bonfire-themed going-away party. That will forever be one of the greatest movie scenes ever. I bet Mary agrees.

Click on the jump for Scott’s statement on Velvet Revolver’s official Website

March 25th, 2007
Concerning the recent news story:
My wife locked herself in the adjoining room when that damage was done. I want to make it clear that I called security when I heard the glass being broken from next door. Security was unable to enter until she let them in. I sent my children off to a safe place with my assistant (who witnessed all of the events of the evening, until my wife locked herself in the room), and I left the hotel in order to avoid conflict with my wife.



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