Fresh from the fray, STEVE and RYAN dropped the video and pictures of PARIS HILTON at her sentencing hearing. Great material, but disturbing news. How could PARIS HILTON get 45 days in jail, for a DUI probation violation?

SNOOP DOGG has been arrested in several countries, and in several U.S. airports, carrying guns and drugs, while on probation for very serious crimes, yet he isn’t in jail. There are violent criminals and sex offenders free to roam, while PARIS awaits jail. Who was hurt by PARIS’ act?

I think that justice peeked from beneath her blindfold and got jealous of a very beautiful, outgoing, flamboyant, self sufficient, well dressed, young woman. People are supposed to be judged by the nature of their crime, not on the example they could make if they were successfully humiliated in front of the public. What happened to equality? Isn’t everyone supposed to be equal in front of the bar of justice?
Do you think the judge would have sentenced anyone else so harshly? PARIS was sentenced as an example to all young people, that beautiful, rich people have to obey the law, as we all do. Unfortunately, that is sentencing based upon appearance, not evidence or gravity of the crime. This is not justice. This justice is as prejudiced as any sentence based upon color, country of origin, or based upon gender or sexual orientation.

PARIS has been sentenced because she is young and beautiful. She is being treated as if she were a major criminal. The news channels have unleased their overweight, unattractive commentators to shred PARIS for the audience. Just check out the mirthful glee in the eyes of these jealous, but righteously indignant, lip flapping, talking heads. They have turned mean! Finally they get the chance to trash PARIS and feel better about themselves!

There are plenty of dangerous, real criminals, floating around Hollywood, in need of a jail cell. PARIS HILTON is not one of them. Justice is supposed to be blind, but I think this time, Blindfolded Justice peeked, got jealous, then sentenced harshly, in order to set an example, “to all the decent young folks, out there.”Unfortunately, the example they are setting, is that sentences are handed out based, not upon evidence, but upon one’s appearance. What next, sentencing based upon skin color? How about country of origin? Sexual orientation? Discrimination is despicable, no matter the criteria.



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