Tom Sizemore: Still A Druggie

I know, I know — I’ve completely caught you all off guard by reporting that actor Tom Sizemore has been arrested, once again, on drug charges.

What are the details on this shocking story, you ask?

Well, Tom, who was on probation for a 2004 drug offense, was picked up by police yesterday morning after an associate of his reportedly got into an altercation with an employee of a hotel. Tom’s bud was also arrested after police found a “narcotic smoking pipe” on him. It went downhill for Tommy Boy when cops searched a car he was sitting in and found two bags of crystal meth and pipes.

Dude’s got a long rap sheet — in October 2004, he was convicted of methamphetamine possession. The following year, his probation was revoked after he admitted to faking a drug test by using a prosthetic penis! Tom then tested positive for drug use in January 2006 – he was given three years probation and ordered to submit to weekly drug tests.

Oh yeah, and In 2003, he was found guilty of beating his ex-girlfriend, Heidi Fleiss.

If you’ve ever seen his show “Shooting Sizemore” these actions are from surprising. What is shocking, however, is that he somehow continues to wake up in the morning.


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