Biggest Loser: Cameron Diaz

Cam_head.jpgI like Cameron Diaz. I felt bad for her when Justin Timberlake dumped her, then reportedly started humping half of Hollywood. And I always stick up for her when someone calls her a butta face. So mean. I can’t imagine calling another person ugly. Maybe in spirit (hello, Paris!), but not physically.

Back to Cam, I seriously wanted to give her a shot to her oft-broken nose when I read the obnoxious quote she gave to the Today Show‘s Meredith Vieira about how Hollywood is like high school and celebrities are “the popular kids.”

cam_tom-loser.jpgI think it’s hilariously funny because I actually have the opposite opinion. My friend Natalie and I have talked for hours about how celebs — and Tom Cruise specifically — couldn’t possibly have been cool in high school. I mean, when was it ever cool to pump your fists in normal conversation? Attack people whose ideals and values aren’t in line with yours? Look for mates who are like trophy prizes?

Anyway, Page Six reports that the the night before Cam’s 7am Today Show visit, she was out until 4am partying, which may explain why she was off her game and talking crazy smack about how cool she thinks she is. My favorite part of the story was where Cameron was partying. The homecoming queen was at Box in NYC for a live R-rated sex show. A spy told Page Six the show was “two topless girls rubbing slime on each other and wrestling, followed by a simulated ‘sex show’ conducted behind a silk screen. Cameron was staring the whole time.”

Bottom lining it, I think that when you’re wellllll beyond your high school years, should you still be equating your life to the high school hierarchy? Should you be trying to convince people that you really are “popular”? To me, it just sounds like somebody who’s living in the past.


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  1. As it stands I have a private list of people I absolutely follow (including one automated list for news), and then my normal feed that I’ll dip into when I have free time. Come on

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