Jane Fonda vs. Lindsay’s Mom

Yesterday I was all bent out of shape because Dina Lohan snagged a red carpet gig with Entertainment Tonight. Today — not so much, after Page Six’s report the DiLo asked Jane Fonda one too many stupid questions.

Right out of the box Dina asked Jane, “So, what was it like working with my daughter?”

Um, Jane told Access Hollywood during filming, “Lindsay’s so young and she’s so alone out there in the world in terms of structure and, you know, people to nurture her.”

After Dina’s first question “visibly upset” Jane, Dina went for another angle and asked, “It’s so hard for young stars today with the paparazzi and press – do you have any advice for my daughter?” A witness said Jane seemed “taken aback and appalled not just by Dina being on the carpet but by the questions,” and snapped, “If you screw it up now, you don’t get another chance!”

Then Jane stormed off!

Love it! Jane proved she could eat Dina for breakfast. Linds’ mom should really stick to, um, whatever else it is that she does.


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